The “International Society for Pediatric Wound Care” - ISPEW - was created in Rome in October 2011, during the first International Symposium on Pediatric Wound Care.
ISPEW came into the world to lead and support all countries, foundations, and scientists in an effort to prevent, assess and treat wound lesions in children. At its inaugural meeting in Rome, Italy, which included experts from 23 worldwide countries, the group of twelve experienced members dedicated to the “Wound Care Planet” agreed their mission affirmation and the initial Executive Board, Councelors and Trustees. ISPEW is an international society of pediatric and plastic surgeons, general and vascular surgeons, medical doctors, physicians and nurses who specialise in the care of children with wounds.

ISPEW’s aims are:
- to set a global standard for prevention, assessment, care and cure of children wounds;
- to provide a forum, enhance communication and share expertise between scientists who specialise in pediatric wounds;
- to promote and support clinical trials aimed at improving outcome in the treatment of children’s wounds;
- to encourage cooperation with other organisations concerned with children’s wounds;
- to sustain a specific program for parent’s and caregiver’s councelling, in order to educate people close to children with wounds.

ISPEW is a truly global organisation, with an expanding membership from more than 25 countries, representing all parts of the world. Membership is open to all health scientists who have an attestable dedication to pediatric surgical / medical / nursing wound care, and we are always interested in attracting new members.

ISPEW meets every three years, and the conference program strongly supports the continuing professional development of figures who care for children who have wounds of various types.
Work in progress are:
- To hold a triennial meeting in conjunction with other sister organisations devoted to wound care;
- to provide a specific and qualified annual course in pediatric wound care.


2nd Focus Meeting of the EPUAP
April 7th – 9th 2014
University of Southampton, Southampton, UK


April 23- 27, 2014
Orlando, Florida, USA


14 - 16 May 2014


17th  Annual European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Meeting,
August 27th – 29th 2014
Stockholm, Sweden


WUWHS 2016
September 25 - 29
Florence, Italy
One Vision, One Mission

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